Mount Moriah Council No. 4

Royal and Select Masters

Chartered 22 October 2010


Thrice Illustrious Master

Companion Claude Crawford



PTIM William T. Reynolds III

Most Illustrious Prince Hall Grand Council R&S Master, States of CA, HI and Jurisdiction


"Let us exercise charity, cherish hope, walk in faith and may that moral principle which is the mystic cement of our fellowship remain with us and bless us."



To Defend and Protect with the Sword and the Trowel

Right Illustrious District Deputy Grand Thrice Illustrious Master  

R.I. Wesley Collins

 Right Illustrious Grand Principal Conductor of the Works

R.I. Joaquin M. Diaz KYCH


Most Illustrious Past Grand Thrice Illustrious Master (Honorary)
Most Illustrious Linwood D. Richardson 2011


Past Most Illustrious, Grand Thrice Illustrious Master (Honorary)
Most Illustrious Howard L. Covington 2013



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