Knight York Cross Honor

Chartered 3 May 2013 at annual conclave of  the  

Convent General USA, PHA



   ********** Requirements to become a Knight York Cross of Honor **********


1. Past Master in the Blue House - Symbolic Lodge 

2. Past High Priest in the Red House - Holy Royal Arch Masons

3. Past Thrice Illustrious Master in the Purple House - Royal & Select Masters

4. Past Eminent Commander in the Black House - Commandery of Knights Templars

5.  Once a Mason has completed the four requirements above, he must still be recommended and invited to become a member of the Knight York Cross of Honors

      Note:  all positions listed above must be elected, installed and served for one full year as the head of each house


                  ---- NO HONORARY OFFICE CAN BE ACCEPTED --- 


** York Rite Masonry, to include the Blue House is Ancient Craft Masonry ** 


Knight Joaquin M. Diaz KYCH

Hawaii's first Knight York Cross Honor member

                                               The class of 13 January 2012, KYCH are:

    Sir. Joaquin M. Diaz, Reginald Mitchell, Rufus Johnson and Brian Macon

In the center of the picture is Sir. Donald R Ware, the Right Eminent Grand Commander & Most Illustrious Grand Thrice Illustrious Master and  Sir. Russell Earl Convent General Grand Master

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